About FS Recorder

FS Recorder is an add-on module for Microsoft Flight Simulator available for FS2004 and FSX. It allows recording and playback of flights, similar as the instant replay and video recorder built into FS, but with a lot more features. The recorded flights can be played back either using the user's aircraft or as AI traffic, which allows you to fly formations with yourself. A number of settings allows to customize FS Recorder to your needs. For a detailed list of features visit the features page.

The recorded flights are saved in a binary file format containing flight data and can thus only be played back inside FS. These files are not video files, so it is not possible to play them with a video or media player, or to convert them into video files.

Additionally FS Recorder includes camera features, which give you more freedom for watching your flights.

FS Recorder is distributed as freeware. It may be redistributed, as long as none of the included files is removed or modified and no money is charged for it. If you like it and want to support it's further development, a small donation is always welcome.

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