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FS Recorder 2.0 released

Postby noisy » 21 Nov 2010, 13:27

The final version of FS Recorder 2.0 is now available for download. Only some minor changes were made since beta 4.

If you have one of the 2.0 beta versions installed, you have to uninstall it before you can install the final version. Older versions of FS Recorder will automatically be removed by the version 2 installer.

Download links:

FS 2004 version
FSX version

Recently I identified a source of jitter problems occurring with FSX Acceleration (thanks to user Sethis). These problems occur when recording or playing back a flight in FSX with Acceleration pack if the frame rate is between 40 and 45 fps or between 60 and 90 fps (similar problems occur in all versions of FS, including FS9, if the frame rate goes above 120 fps). The cause is in the FS SimScheduler behavior, which was changed in the Acceleration pack.
It was however too late to fix this in version 2.0 (would have required another beta), for now you should set your frame rate limit lower than 40 fps to avoid the critical frame rates.

Version 2.1 will fix the problem and also add a lot of new features. The first beta will be released in the next few weeks.
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Re: FS Recorder 2.0 released

Postby sturman » 21 Nov 2010, 14:44

Many Thanks!
Good news and new hopes! :wink:
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Re: FS Recorder 2.0 released

Postby bojote » 23 Nov 2010, 23:10

Matthias, congratulations!

looking forward to start BETA testing v2.1.

I noticed something (IN BETA 4) that I'm not sure was fixed in this release. In fact, don't know if it is a bug or feature, but when using FSRecorder to playback files my Crash autodetection settings is set to NOT auto detect crashes. Is this normal? you aware of this?

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