Very difficult flight landed, followed by FSX CTD. Recover?

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Very difficult flight landed, followed by FSX CTD. Recover?

Postby hongming » 15 Dec 2017, 03:11

Hi guys!

So I recorded and completed a very difficult flight (used real world weather from hurricane Irma, hand flew entire flight, perfect ILS approach, 79kt crosswinds, totally greased the landing). I was very proud and happy I was recording this flight and taxied to the gate and shut down the engines. Just before I reached to end the recording FSX crashed to desktop. VERY disappointing and I really want to know if there are some way I can recover this (where are the temp files?)
I have not recorded since, and will not shut down my computer; in case either of these overwrites these files... So please reply quickly since I won't be shutting down my computer in order to preserve these possible recovery files. Help will be GREATLY appreciated, thanks.
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Re: Very difficult flight landed, followed by FSX CTD. Recov

Postby noisy » 15 Dec 2017, 14:48

The temp files should be in the FS Recorder directory (where the DLL module is), but there's no direct way to convert them to a playable .frc file.
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