1.331 Installation to FSX Steam on Multi-HD System

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1.331 Installation to FSX Steam on Multi-HD System

Postby MartinRichards » 15 Feb 2018, 10:29

I have recently been attempting to get a (at least semi-functional) version of FSRecorder up and running on FSX Steam, however none of the guides either on this forum or elsewhere seem to have worked.

The Installerautomatically terminates regardless of the version without leaving anything useful behind, and a manual install seems to produce little better with FSX producing a Simconnect error at startup despite both uninstalling and reinstalling different versions of the Simconnect installers (both those contained within the FSX folder and the download from FSPassengers).

I can only conclude that this must have something to do with the way my install is setup, with my main FSX files stored on an E: Drive (due to the extra space) but many of the external config files still installing to my C: drive. Does anybody have any potential solutions or workarounds for this? I would be greatful to know though I somehow feel that with my config this may be a bit of a lost cause.

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